How we added an EDGE to broking in South Africa

Edge Risk Partners (Pty) Ltd is an independent specialist broker focusing purely on Trade Credit and Surety solutions.

Through in-depth research and analysis of your credit risks, along with our vast market knowledge and claims experience, we can confidently structure a credit policy that not only adds value to your staff and management but also protects your balance sheet.

The standard practice in the industry is that bonds and guarantees are secured by cash collateral. The surety offering provided through our various partners, sees a move away from the traditional methods previously employed to underpin various bonds and guarantees in issue. Clients are now able to maximise their cash flow for existing and future projects as opposed to having their cash flow tied up in long term contracts. Furthermore, specialist skills in terms of advice and guarantee wording are readily available, ensuring that your business interests are always protected, and your contractual obligations understood.

There are two partners in the business; Bridgette Wood and Sumintra Damba who although having worked in the credit industry for many years, finally had the opportunity to work as a team on joining Alexander Forbes in the mid 2000’s. Whilst working together they found that individually they had unique abilities that once put together created an indomitable skills set that would enhance and uplift the broking experience of both clients and underwriters.